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The cavern was accidentally discovered by Miguel Manzano Lobato. During the rainy season (Jul-Dec) he used water to obtain hydraulic energy to move the machinery of his alcohol distillery; however, the rest of the year the level of the water was not enough. He decided to seek the main vein to get water with enough pressure. He decided to find water with enough pressure inside the mountain; following the water flow he found the tunnel where the water got out from the mountain, being this an obstacle because the tunnel was very stretch. He widened it and advanced very slowly, until he found a second obstacle: a 21-feet high waterfall. He climbed it and kept advancing. On March 19th, 1919, he discovered the main chamber.
Mr. Manzano tried to join two caves in order to have an easier access, but doing so the roof came down and he got trapped inside the cave during three days, until his workers rescued him. He recovered from the accident and went on his goal, and it was until 1923 when he finished the turistic entrance. Miguel Manzano named the cavern "Karmidas" in memory of one of his children who died as a child.

Listen a story in Spanish from Francisco Zamítiz, 96, who during his childhood helped Miguel Manzano in the discovering of the cavern.